Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Red Sox Continue To Roll Over Motor City

Wow. What fun that was! Wakey was hothothot! Papi and Manny hit back-to-backs, Manny's being number 497 (can you smell it Manny??)! 5-0 shut out over S.I.'s World Series pick. Heh. I'm still laughing over that. The sad thing is, statistically, Detroit should be winning games. Except for the fact that they really don't have any pitching. But they have some killer bats. Who just don't happen to be killing right now.

And it's only the unfairness of scheduling that keeps our Sox from being the "best team in baseball" right now. Arizona has played, what? two or three games less than we have? So they have a higher percentage. Pft!! Pftpft!! It'll catch up with them.

Dawn, didja see that homer that your Lowell hit t'other night? That was sweet. BTW, my wife has adopted Lowell as her "older" brother. He's not really older than her, but he looks older than he is, so she calls him that. Last year during the W.S., she got caught up in it with me and Steph, and really grew fond of Lowell and Jacoby. She calls him her "son." I call him Runs Like Heck. (I can't say the other word...I think some of my church members read this.) Heh.

And tonight, the Rangers woke up for a minute. Or at least three innings. They scored 10 runs in three innings, which was enough. 10 runs should be enough in any game. Among those three was a Mammoth homer by our friend Josh Hamilton. Officially scored at 425 by the Safeco Field scorers, Victor Rojas and Eric Nadel of KRLD radio (Rangers home station) said that was crazy, it was way longer than that. It went into the upper deck at Safeco. I'm waiting for the video to be posted online so I can watch it. From the broadcast, there was never a doubt from the moment it left the bat. Rangers win 10-1 over Seattle, regaining a tie for last place in the AL West. *sob* But, on the positive side, they have been playing at least .500 ball for the past week or so.

Tonight, the Sox should complete a sweep, oops, no...they have two more games with the Tiggers. Then it's on to play the Twinks.

Steph and I will be going to see the Rangers play the A's this Friday night, then the Astros next Friday night. Then I'm pretty sure I have tickets to see the A's again on the 30th. Normally, I wouldn't have done that, but the one for this weekend was added in later. Marshall, the one with the "Marshall in Peru" blog on my list, is in town this weekend, so we are taking him to a game. He keeps winding up in places where the Braves are playing and texting me pictures of Mark Teixeira batting, because Tex was Stephanie's favorite player when he was with the Rangers. I've accused Marshall of using all of our support money to travel around and watch the Braves play baseball. Matter of fact, he hasn't actually denied that accusation...Hmmm... Seriously, he is leaving for Peru again in a few weeks. May be the last time we see him for about four years.

Ok. That's enough for now. We shall cheer on tonight at 7-ish. Go, Manny!!!


Bickley said...

Correcting myself...Hamilton's homer was only in the second deck. I didn't realize Safeco had four levels in right field.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I did see my Mikey's home run. Oh how I have missed Lowell That Can Hit!

Runs Like Heck! That is awesome! I've been calling him Speedy McEllsbury but your nickname for him just might fit better...

Ted D said...

Bickley, second deck is still pretting impressive. I love that kid; what an example of where you can go.

Wake was fantastic last night; good to see him keeping up with the youngsters.

Have fun at the game Friday night, Bickley!