Thursday, May 1, 2008

Close Games

Wow. The last two games have been very good games, especially for the "baseball purist." Absolute pitching battles. Lester against Halladay...Halladay pitched a complete game (and, Lester pitched 8 scoreless innings and they brought in Papelbon to shut 'em down. Thanks to Youk (well, he doesn't get all the credit does he? Papi walked and Manny singled to set him up), we win in the bottom of the ninth.

Then last night, we do it again, only with a 1-1 tie in the ninth. Papi hit a sweet big fly into the right field stands. But Tek gets to be the hero in this game, with an RBI single in the bottom of the ninth.

Meanwhile, the Rangers continue to struggle, so far winning one and losing one to the equally bad Royals. In last night's game, they got ahead early and stayed ahead, despite all efforts to lose. 11-9 final score, as the Rangers hit at least 5 home runs (all of their runs were caused by big flies), and Ted, you will be very pleased to know that our good friend Josh Hamilton hit his first Grand Salami last night, and I just happened to be watching when it happened.

They also have this new guy named Brandon Boggs? OMG, for his first four at bats with the Rangers, he was 4-4. He went 2-4 tonight, with one crushing home run that almost made upper home run porch, and now has a .667 batting average! Daniels will probably trade him next week. For a "big bat."

Things are progressively getting better at our house. We were all sick over the weekend. It started with Stephanie, who started "calling Earl" at around 2am Saturday morning. She was sick all day Saturday, and we actually attributed it to what we thought was (and still think might be) rheumatic fever, which sometimes comes on the heels of a strep infection. Well, this is not contagious. And my wife and I both started hugging the porcelain throne Sunday night. I left work early Sunday night and missed Monday night, she missed Monday and Tuesday. Stephanie finally went back to school Tuesday and after today, will have made three days in a row!! (Hear the angels singing??) She will miss Friday, though, because we have an appointment with a rheumatologist. We want to confirm (or unconfirm) that she had rheumatic fever. If she did, she will likely need to be on low dosages of antibiotics for a long time, in order to prevent another strep infection. We shall see.

Now the Sox have to play the dreaded Rays again. DEVIL RAYS!! Bring back the DEVIL!! Tam-pa Bay De-vil Rays. It just works better.

TTFN, y'all!


Ted D said...

Hey Bickley,

First off, sorry to hear about the family being sick. That is no fun at all, man. Hopefully you're all on the road to recovery and Stephanie will be completely better soon.

Hamilton is amazing; I'm so glad he's doing well, and man, has that guy got a story to tell.

These close games are gonna do me in. I'm not a young man anymore.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Awww... but Tampa Bay Sunbeams has such a nice ring to it! ;-)

Bickley said...

Ahahaha...actually, I LIKE "Tampa Bay Sunbeams." Works better than just "Rays."