Monday, May 5, 2008

A Brief Poll

Raise your hands if you think Roger's lying.

Yeah. I thought so. Look at all those hands.

Poor, poor, Roger. He's finally found out he's not indestructible. You can see the panic in his eyes. It gets more pathetic every day.

It's really sad when a true legend goes down like this. Why couldn't he have been more sensible like Nolan? You know...retire at the perfect time and go raise beef for a few years, then come back and be the president of your old team.

No, not Roger. Instead, he has to be completely delusional and lie and squirm. Sounds like much more fun, doesn't it? I think I agree with the S.I. columnist (I think that's where I read this) who said that he believes that Roger has actually convinced himself that he really is telling the truth. That's even more pathetic.

On to more positive things!

Tonight, our beloved Sox begin a series with the team that S.I. predicted would win the Whirl Serious this year. (Raise you hand if you get that reference! I'll give you a gold star!) *snort* *snicker* *falls out of chair* The *snort* Detroit *guffaw* TIGERS! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......

Go, Sports Illustrated!! Any more predictions?? Huh? Like maybe, you know, putting the Red Sox in SECOND PLACE?? Behind the *snicker* YANKEES??

Seriously, does anybody give Joe Girardi till the end of May?

Ok, all joking aside, I will never take lightly the threat that is the Evil Empire. Who can forget last season, when we were 15 games ahead of them at one point, and then suddenly battling for our first first place finish in 12 years? No lead is ever safe with the Yanks. I just don't think Girardi has what it takes to coach a team the caliper of the Yankees. Maybe they need Ron Washington.


Ow. I think I hurt myself.

Speaking of Washington, the Rangers take on the Mariners tonight in the battle for last place in the AL West. Should be, um, interesting. No, wait. Wrong word. I think I meant boring. Sigh.

If I didn't love the Red Sox, I might give up on baseball altogether. But, no...I'm a true fan. I'll keep going to Rangers games, no matter how bad it gets. But thank God for the Red Sox.

Hey. That could be a song! I'll get to work on it...


TTFN, y'all!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I am so glad that Rog-ah's final hurrah was in pinstripes & not in Beantown. And as for Girardi? I think he & Cashman both have numbered days. And I bet they secretly can't wait.

Krystle said...

Okay, do you really want Clemens to the be the president for his former team?

Wait...That would be funny stuff actually.

I agree with Dawn...seriously. I'd be jumping for joy.

Bickley said...

Ok...let me clarify, then...the "last" former team. Hahaha....