Monday, May 5, 2008

Life Is Good

What a wonderful weekend! The Red Sox actually swept their nemesis, the "Sunbeams." (Thanks, Dawn for that one...) Oh, and Dawn, were you at the games? I bet they were just awesome! I was sooooo happy.

And the Rangers actually took 2 out of 3 from Oakland. It's weird, but they are actually playing over .500 ball right now. And I'm actually going to see how many times I can actually use the word "actually."

In non-baseball news, Stephanie is feeling wonderful! It's a miracle! (And it very well may be, as we still have no clue what was wrong with her.) Well, we have a clue, just no official confirmation. She has been feeling better ever since about last Tuesday.

We all went to Scarborough Faire on Saturday. That's the local Renaissance Festival that is held about an hour from where we live. It was a blast. I dressed up as a friar, with a simple brown flannel hooded robe that my wonderful wife sewed for me, along with a gold rope belt and some sandals. I had a staff that I have had since the last time we went there. Really, it was tremendous. They have a beautiful setting with lots of trees and some rather permanent, old timey buildings. There are lots of crafts (very expensive, I might add) and lots of people dress in period constumes. Some dress in not-so-period costumes, such as the samurai that I saw and several "anime" type characters...oh, and a few who must have been modeling as the Sex Pistols. All good fun, though. There were swordfights, lusty wenches, lords, ladies, and I had my first glass of mead. It tasted suspiciously like White Zinfandel. I should be able to post some pictures soon. The best part, to us, is Zilch, the "torysteller." He's there every year, and tells tales, mostly Shakespeare, in "spoonerisms." For example, the one we heard was "Jomeo and Ruliet." It's rolling-on-the-floor funny, too!

Welp. Back to work with me...see you soon.

TTFN, Y'all!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

That's right. The Tampa Bay Sunbeams. Woooo... scary. =P I still think they should project a rainbow across the inside of the dome, have a puppy as their mascot, and release butterflies at the end of each game.

I was not at this week's games. I was at one of the games in Tampa when we were the sweep-ees, but not in Boston when we were the sweep-ers. Thanks a lot, guys. =P

Bickley said...

Oops....I forgot those games were in Boston. *doh* Sorry, Dawn. Very unthoughtful of me.

But...hee! Butterflies. Hee! That made me smile really, really big!

~**Dawn**~ said...

'Tis not your fault they played like poo in Tampa. They just owe me a great game in June. ;-)

Yeah well, sunbeams & rainbows & puppies & butterflies. They all go together right?