Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yankees Already Playing Dirty

It's fun to see the Evil Empire already getting distracted by on-field antics. It's clear that they feel that they are going to have to play rough this year.

As shown in this article, the Yanks and the Rays are getting off to a bad start, relationally speaking. Apparently, Duncan Shelley, when faced with getting thrown out by half the distance from the base, decided that the only choice he had was to attempt to castrate Aki Iwamura. Fortunately, his aim was bad and he only gashed Iwamura's thigh.

Wackiness ensued.

Johnny Gomes plowed into Shelley, and the benches cleared. I can't wait to get home from work so I can watch a clip of this. (I can't download the proper application at work due to company restrictions...) Several ejections also ensued, including the Yankees hitting coach and third base coach.

And does anyone think Girardi will last the season as manager? Didn't he get fired from his last job because of arguing with the owner? Like the Steinbrenners are going to put up with that. Hah.

I'm really loving what I'm seeing in the Evil Empire's camp this season, because they are rapidly turning into a team of old has-beens. Yeah, A-Roid is still a great player, I'll give him that. But no team has won with A-Roid on it. No one. And look at the rest of the lineup. The catcher is getting old. Giambi-juice will soon disentegrate from steroid use. He's already pretty much worthless. And who do they have pitching this year?? I recognize two of their starting pitchers on the roster.

Don't get me wrong...the Yankees will always be a force with which to reckon. I just don't see them being a powerhouse this year. I don't think they have done well during the off season. I could be wrong...I have been often. Hang on...I've got to get their web page off my computer before my monitor starts melting...

In other news, I am, as of 2:45 this morning, officially 50.

Been loving the Red Sox for at least 40 of 'em.

Funny...I don't feel a day over 49. Well, maybe one day...


Ted D said...

Happy Birthday, Bickley.

And Duncan is most likely to get one in his earhole or between the numbers the next time the Yankees/Rays play.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Happy Birthday!

As for Satan's Minions, I think it's not only funny that they are brawling in Spring Training, but that they are doing so with the *Rays*. I mean seriously. Like you need to give them a reason to be fired up every time you drag your pinstriped clones into the Trop? That could turn a bunch of should-be easy wins into some tough gritty games. Ahhh, I love watching the wheels come off that bus.