Thursday, March 13, 2008

Woot!! Birthday Presents!

I just got presents from my wonderful wife.

First there was a cool tee-shirt that I had picked out from Threadless. It's called "A Voyage of Discovery," and it's all about books. And I love me some books! In fact, my oldest daughter sent me a 10% off coupon for Barnes & Noble and I plan to use it tomorrow (Friday). Lessee if I can link the cool shirt. Here it is.

The second package was the coolest Red Sox hat EVER! Now, I've never seen this hat until this year. I fell in love with it the first time I saw Beckett wearing it on the front page of the website. It's bright red with the black "B". Is this new? Have they had this hat before? They've been wearing them on "away" games during spring training. Anyway, I have one now. It's my new favorite hat.

The last box was waaaaay cool. You gotta remember, I turned 50 today, so I've seen a lot in my days. This box had "Youth in a Box" written on the top flaps. It was full of...


I'm not kidding. There was a slinky. Not one of these phony plastic ones either. This slinky is shiny, shiny metal!! There was Silly Putty. There was a package of those plastic paratrooper guys...remember those? You throw them up in the air and they sail gracefully down on their 'chutes? Unless the strings get tangled and then they drop like a rock. There was one of those balsa wood gliders. There was a paddle ball (is just me, or are those things darned nearly impossible to do?). There was one of those "helicopter on a stick" doohicky thingies that you spin between your palms and it flies up in the air (or comes right back in your face if you spin it the wrong direction...). And there was an old vintage copy of Lassie. It smells really nice (I looooove the smell of old books). Oh, yeah...there was some little board game with pegs and dice. Anyway...very cool stuff, very silly stuff, but that's ok. I loved it all. Especially the slinky.

In the words of the great Peter Pan..."I won't grow up..."

I have only one comment about baseball today...



Ted D said...

Nice, Bickley.

Sounds like you've got a great family there.

Here's to 50 more, my man.

And some bagpipes for the end of the "Dougie Era" in Boston.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I cannot pull off hats but there are a couple of new t-shirts I am just aching for. Glad you had a great birthday! You're ever too old for toys! =)

::sigh:: Dougie.

Tex said...

Happy Birthday Binkley!!! I'm turning 50 this year too. So glad you had a fantastic one. and the Toy Box sounds absolutely Awesome!! and you mentioned my Fav Texan: Beckett.

Bickley said...

Thanks guys! It was awesome...Christi and I finished it off with a bottle of wine in the hot tub...good times. Dawn, if you haven't already, check out that "Threadless" site...they have amazing t-shirts.

And now...for Dougie..."Did they beat the drums slowly, did they play the fife lowly, did they sound the death march as they lowered you down? Did the band play The Last Post in chorus? Did the pipes play The Flowers of the Forest?"--Green Fields of France by the Dropkick Murphys


~**Dawn**~ said...

I hope they at least bought him a big chicken parm dinner. =(