Monday, March 17, 2008

Dice-K is Up!

Congrats to Dice-K for getting the start on Opening Day in Japan. I guess it's fitting for him to get to open the season in his home country. That should be exciting for him.

Of course, we wish that Beckett could be healthy for it, but probably better to save him, hoping he can be good for the home opener. Or very soon thereafter, at least.

So we lost to the Evil I keep saying about the Rangers, as well, "It's just spring training." And we were letting Colon start, too. For some reason, I've never been quite as excited about ST as some folks get. It does, however, begin to whet my appetite for the real thing, later this month. And I would like to visit Spring Training one year. You can bet, I'll be glued to my...Oh, my God, those games are at 5 am my time. Hahaha...I guess I'll be watching them on MLBTV here at work. How the heck can anyone play baseball at 5 am??? Egad. Well, I will sure DVR the games at home, too. I can watch them after I take Steph to school.

Hah...the scheduling gods are cruel this year. I just noticed we have to play at 6 am ET, then one day later, play on the west coast. Hmm...I also just noticed that, according the schedule, the Japan games are not on MLB TV. What's up with that?? Oh, well.

Ok. Back to work. See y'all later.


Ted D said...

Hey Bickley,

I read somewhere that the Japan games will be on ESPN2.

One. More. Week.

Bickley said...

According the the schedule on the Red Sox site, that is correct. I'm planning to DVR them so I can watch them when I get home from work, because they are happening at, like, 5am my time! Ick.

~**Dawn**~ said...

They are definitely on ESPN2. Already have my DVR set to record. They may still be on MLBtv. If you flip forward on the schedule, it doesn't show *any* games as being on MLBtv for the season, but you know that isn't the case. Here's hoping, because I will wait til I get home if I have to, but I would much rather be watching live from my desk at work!