Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dear Mr. Steinbrenner...

So, Hank. You think it's a "Yankees Nation" do ya?

Obviously, you've never been to a Boston Red Sox game at Rangers Ball Park in Arlington. You would see more than half of a sold out stadium (almost 50,000 capacity) chanting "Let's go, Red Sox" in near perfect unison while Rangers fans sit on their hands.

Sure there are plenty of Yankees fans at Rangers Ballpark when the Evil Empire comes to Texas, but they are nowhere near as plentiful, nor are they as united. You see, there is a bond in the "Red Sox Nation" that is not found anywhere else in sports. When one sees another hat with the characteristic "B" on the front, one knows that he/she has an instant friend. Not so with the Yankees brand. Matter of fact, when one sees the annoying "NY" on the front of a hat, there is a 50/50 chance that that person is a thug or gang member.

You are right...the Yankees brand is popular, but apparently, it is for entirely different reasons than the Red Sox brand.

But you, sir, are entirely wrong when you say that ESPN "invented" the Red Sox Nation. Although it is true that the official entity that is called "Red Sox Nation" has only existed for a few years (I am even one of the "founding members" according to my first card), the true Red Sox Nation was founded by one Michael T. "Nuf Ced" McGreevy, owner of the "3rd Base" bar, just up the road from Huntington.

Heh. The words of a Dropkick Murphys song keep coming to mind, for some reason...

Anyway, you show your extreme ignorance, Mr. Steinbrenner, with the comments that you have made. Learn your history, then take your honorary Red Sox Nations membership from John Henry and shut up.

Oh, yeah...I almost forgot:



Ted D said...

Hey Bickley!

I had no idea you'd linked me to your blog, but I'll add you as well.

Nice post. Hank is proving to be quite the George, circa 1977.

And you're spot on about the Sox fans who travel. When I go to Baltimore to see them play, it's basically Fenway south.

Tex said...

tickets to Arlington - check
tickets to Houston - check
tickets to Boston - Check


Bickley said...

Dang...I'm still waiting for my tickets...but I'm about to pay the balance on my Red Sox Destinations trip in July to see them sweep the Evil Empire at Fenway! Huzzah!!

Krystle [RSO] said...

I don't have tickets to games this year =[. But that's a long story and I don't want/need to go into it.

I'm going to say this, Hank will make it fun - no doubt about it.