Sunday, April 20, 2008

Does Anyone Have Nails Left??

Ok. Could we stop waiting until the 8th inning to win these games? While I realize it makes for really exciting baseball, I'm not sure how much more my sanity can take. Whew.

And those poor Rangers starting pitchers. That's three games in a row, now that the starting pitcher should have gotten a win, but the bullpen blew it for him. I'm not complaining so much, because the Red Sox have been the team beating them, but, geez, it's got to be frustrating for the starters. Jason Jennings and Kevin Millwood both had great outings this weekend, only to be sent into the realm of "no decision" by the bullpen. The Rangers fans are pushing the panic button, but how quickly they forgot that the Rangers did sweep the Blue Jays before having to face the greatest team in baseball. I say, let's see what happens after they get out of Fenway.

And Papi does seem to be out of his slump finally.

Oh, and they won this game without Manny. Silly Manny. Oh, how he does hate getting called out on strikes.

We'll have a fight with Stephanie in the morning when it's school time. She was complaining loudly about the pain Sunday afternoon/evening. I know she's hurting, but the fact is that she got through school on Friday and was able to do the things she wanted to do this weekend, but now that Monday morning school is imminent, suddenly the pain is agonizing. I think we may be putting her back on the anxiety meds tomorrow.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

Oh, yeah. I would also like to welcome my friend and brother in Christ, Marshall Kitron to the blogspot family. Check out his blog as he prepares to go back to Peru on a missionary journey. He's the new one on my list of links.

Go, Marshall!!


Ted D said...

Figures; they open the whooping sticks and I have to work.

Got to hear part of the 5th and 6th inning, but that's it.

Gotta love a 4 game sweep.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I can handle the come from behind wins as long as they keep winning. I am a little apprehensive because last year we couldn't seem to come back from a deficit to save our souls, but this year it seems to be working. Can't complain about a 14-7 record though huh??