Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Red Sox Take the Series

I got to watch the end of the game again. I'll be glad when these games get on a regular schedule. I was asleep through most of this one. But the Sox did that thing they love to do, they exploded in the last few innings of the game. Papi got them started with his two-run banger, then there was that 8th inning with 5 straight singles. Hahaha! Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang...two more runs. And Tek got that homer back that he lost last night. Huzzah!!

The only bad thing? Since Ellsbury didn't even get to bat tonight, my "Beat the Streak" hitting streak is over. I have to start again tomorrow. Sigh. But the Sox won. That's the bigger picture. They are now 3-1.

Glory be! I just saw that the Blue Jays are ahead of the Yanks, 5-2, top of the ninth! Hang on, Jays!!

And another reason to celebrate! I just learned that Youk set a new record for consecutive games at first base without an error at 194. Way to go Youk!! He gets to keep first base from today's game, which all of his teammates signed. *sniff* last celebration. This.

Stephanie got her braces off today!!! Congratulations, my dear! Heh. You can see where her true loyalty lies...She loves my Sox, too, though!