Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sox Take 2 of 3

That was the Sox that we all know and love. The bats were out tonight, folks! Pitching was ok. Wake did alright, but had a couple shaky innings. But the Sox once again did that thing where they explode in the second half of the game.

I'm really sleepy, so there won't be many details. Plus I was also watching the Rangers on TV while watching the Sox on the 'puter. The Rangers are on the verge of sweeping a double-header from the Orioles, which will help the Sox immensely. It will also put the Rangers over .500 for the first time since 2006! Woot! It won't be enough to get the Sox into first, but it will help.

How many times did David Ortiz walk tonight? At least twice. And J.D. continues to play the redemption game. So much so that he drew ( pun intended...really!) an intentional walk tonight.

And the poor Tigers fall even further. I feel no sympathy for them, though. They have Kenny Rogers on their team, you know. Ugh.

Ok. Rangers won. Game over. Baltimore falls to 6-3, Sox are 5-5. Looks like the Yanks are going to win, too, though. GO KC!!!

Well, off to bed with me. I have juree dutee tomorrow. Fun, eh! Guilty, I say! Guilty!!

Later, friends.


~**Dawn**~ said...

It looks like I was right to name JD the recipient of my Julian Tavarez Second Chance Award! So far anyway.

It also looks like this weekend's series has the potential to be a complete washout. =/