Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Game 2 of Series With the Tigers

In the middle of the second inning, there is no score. Tigers have one hit. Youk just took a screaming ground ball right in the chest! Ouch. He falls, the ball falls down inches away from first base, allowing him to crawl, rather painfully looking, grab it and touch the base, putting out the batter and saving his error-free streak! What a trooper!! Yet another reason why he remains one of my favorite players. (Along with Manny, Papi, Lowell, Ellsbury, Tek, Pedroia, etc., etc. Heh.)

Casey's pinch-hitting for Lowell alreay?? What did I miss? Apparently Lowell hurt himself in the first inning? Egad. But Casey at the bat, gets a hit this time.
By the way, this ump sucks. He's calling strikes well outside of the strike zone.

Hehe...Polanco just made an error at second base so Tek gets on, loading the bases for Ellsbury. Hah! Ellsbury walks, scoring a run. Sox lead 1-0. Great eye, Jacoby!!

Woot! Lugo hits. Another run scores. 2-0.

(Side note...looks like no game in Texas tonight. Raining.)

Nuts. Peds hits into a double play, ending the 2nd inning.

Nothing doing for the Tigers in the third.

Youk outruns a throw to first. Oh, no he didn't. Bad throw pulled the baseman off. That's two errors for the Tigers. Papi pops. And apparently, Manny isn't going to swing tonight. Oh, ok. Yes, he is, but he flies out to center. Casey doubles. He's hot tonight. And Drew grounds out to end the inning. Still 2-0, Sox.

Lester's slipping. Walked two in a row in the top of the fourth. Uh-oh. Renteria doubles and ties the game at 2.

Crap. Thames homers over the Monster. 4-2 Tigers. Finally out of it, but the Tigers cross the plate four times.

Bottom of fourth. Tek hooks a pop into shallow left and nobody gets to it. Counts as a double for Tek. Ok, STOP showing me John Henry talking!! There's game going on! Meanwhile, Ellsbury walks.

Holy cow! Lugo almost hits into a triple play! And then gets caught stealing, because he was obviously upset that his ploy for a triple play didn't work. Are you screaming, Dawn??

Lugo makes an attempt at redeeming himself by making a fabulous throw from short in the top of the fifth. Nothing for the Tigers, still 4-2.

Sadly, I really need a nap before work tonight, so I have to leave this game unfinished. If it's still going on in two hours (which is entirely possible, because it is the Red Sox), I'll catch up when I get to work.

Texas Rangers were postponed and plan a double header tomorrow.

*much later*

I'm at work now and see that we couldn't muster anything else for the night. Papi went 0-4 so I'm back at zero for my "Beat the Streak" hitting streak.

Sox lose 7-2.

However, the night wasn't a complete loss, because the Royals beat the Evil Empire 4-0. HAH!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

My Lowell is broken.
My Lowell is broken.
My Lowell is broken.

(And yes, I would love to string up Lugo by his toenails.)