Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Do You Know, the World Didn't End

Well, the sun came up this morning (I think...I haven't actually been out there, yet), and in spite of last night's nightmare (chronicled in the post immediately before this one), the Red Sox are still the best team in baseball and have been for 124 consecutive days this season.

And has been aptly noted, they can actually afford to lose this series. The Yankees can't. Detroit Tigers won last night, as well, and they are pretty close behind the Yankees in the Wild Card race.

Today's match-up features the only two 18 game winners in major league baseball, Josh Beckett and something-or-other Wang. Wang. Hehe. *ahem* Anyway, perhaps one of them (Beckett, hopefully) will come away as the only 19 game winner.

On another subject, I want to say that just because a book is on my "recently read" list over to the left, doesn't mean I recommend it. Case in point, Jamestown, by Matthew Sharpe. Don't waste your time. I mean it. It's a horrible book. I'll admit it made me laugh out loud a few times, but, overall, it's a waste of paper, time, not to mention the slight amount of energy it takes to read a book.

He's trying to write an amusing alt-history of the founding of Jamestown. The setting of this one is in the future, though, in a kind of "road warrior" setting. It has a Pocohantas and a John Smith and a Powhatan and everything. His Pocohantas is kind of a slut, though, and there's quite a bit of homosexuality in the book. It's really pretty crude and disgusting. Why did I finish it, you ask? I'm just kind of stubborn that way. I can't stand to not finish a book.