Friday, September 7, 2007

15 Games From A Clinch, 30 Over .500

Just got home from watching the Rangers beat the Oakland A's in Arlington, 5-3. It was a fun game, and Stephie and I sat right in front of Chuck Morgan's booth in the pressbox. Morgan is the voice of the Rangers at their home games. We also got broadcasters Eric Nadel and Victor Rojas's autographs in our game program. They are the radio announcers for the Rangers on KRLD.

But hey. This blog really isn't about the Rangers, is it? While we were watching the Rangers, we were intensely concentrating on the out of town scoreboard in left field. We watched with much glee as Jon Lester baffled the Baltimore Orioles and the Red Sox won 4-0. I was hoping that he might have thrown a no-no, but found out after we got home that the O's got 4 hits. The KC Royals made a valiant effort, but, alas, were unable to stifle the Evil Empire, losing 3-2. It was close, though. So the Sox remain 6.5 games ahead in the AL East, and their magic number to clinch the division is 15. They are also now 30 games over .500, at 86-56.

Tomorrow night, Stephie and I will return to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, to see Kason Gabbard pitch (ironically, we saw Gabbard pitch agains Texas at Fenway Park in we get to see him pitch for Texas, as he was part of that disastrous deal the Sox made with the Rangers for Eric Gagne--disastrous for the Sox, great for the Rangers). Dice-K and the Red Sox will take on the O's once again tomorrow night.

Life is good when there's baseball.

TTFN, y'all!