Monday, September 17, 2007

So What? We're Still the Best!

So the Yankees won the series. (Ironically, the Sox outscored them, 20-13.)

So the Yankees won the series for the year, 10-8.

So what?! The Red Sox, on September 17, 2007, are still the best team in baseball. They have held that honor for almost 130 consecutive days. They have also been in first place 150 days.

That stretch is amazing, no matter what happens for the remainder of the season. Anything could still happen. This old man has been watching baseball long enough to know that nothing is over until it's over. The magic number for the Sox is 9. Kind of complicated, but this means that any combination of Red Sox wins and second place team losses adding up to 9 will clinch the division title. There are 12 games left for the Sox. That's little too close for my blood. But it makes for an exciting season finish. But the way this works is this: Let's say the Red Sox win tonight and the Yankees lose. Not likely to happen, since the Yanks are playing Baltimore. But, hey. Any given team, etc., etc... In that scenario, the magic number would drop by 2, making it 7. If both teams win tonight, the number only drops by one, making it 8. If, God forbid, the Red Sox lo...lo...*ahem*, well you get my drift, the magic number stays the same. Oddly, it never goes up.

The wild card race is even more exciting. Detroit is only 2.5 games behind New York, with a magic number of 11, and only 12 games left! This means the wild card race could very well go down to the last game of the season.

Well, neither the Sox nor the Yankees have a particularly tough schedule to close out the year. Unfortunately, the Yankees don't have to play the Angel any more. They are the only team with an overall winning record against the Yankees. However, I just noticed that Baltimore is ahead of the Yankees 8-4 in this years series, and they have two more series (serieses?) left play. Hah. GO O's!!


On another subject, Stephanie seems to be doing much better today. We have some homework to work on tonight, so hopefully, that won't be a problem.

TTFN, y'all