Monday, September 24, 2007

It Was A Busy Weekend

Boy, was I tired after this last weekend. Three Texas Rangers games in one weekend! And they even won two of them. That, in itself, is pretty huge.

The Red Sox clinched a playoff spot this weekend, and today, they gained a half game on the Evil Empire without even playing! The Yanks lost a makeup game to the Blue Jays, and the Sox are off today. So that makes them an even 2 games ahead of the Yanks with an elimination number of FIVE!

If they are trying to make this exciting, they are certainly achieving that goal.

Two divisions got clinched yesterday. The Angels clinched our American League West division, and the Injuns clinched the AL Central.

None of the NL teams are anywhere close to clinching. There are still NINE teams in that playoff race. Unreal. I'm pulling for the Mets and the Cubs and the Padres. Why, you might ask? Good question, because I really don't like any NL teams. The Mets, because I hate the Yankees. So if I can see one NY team win while the Yankees lose, all the better. The Cubs, because, well, hey. They're the Cubs. What else can you say. And White Sox fans are some of the meanest, rudest people I have ever seen. The Padres because they have Chris Young, who should still be with the Rangers, and for a long time, had the lowest ERA in the entire MLB.

One more week in the season, and yesterday morning at church, one of our members came up and handed me some season tickets and a free parking pass for the last home game of the season on Wednesday afternoon. Sooo....I guess I need to go to that game, eh?

Who needs sleep anyway??

I wanted to mention here that we had an excellent message yesterday. Our pastor, Bill Burton, really brought the concept of mercy home to us in his message. I told him later (while we were watching the Rangers beat the O's) that my toes were still sore. He's been preaching through the beatitudes, and made some good correlations between the first three and the second three yesterday. Primarily for yesterday, putting the concept of being "poor in spirit" with being "merciful." The idea being that, if we recognize how desperately destitute we are withouth God, then we should have no trouble showing mercy to others in the same position (which is, of course, EVERYONE!). Good stuff. Hard stuff. And painful stuff. But it's what we need, and it's what God wants from us.

TTFN, y'all!