Friday, September 14, 2007

The Series of the Year

Here we go.

I've got my chips and Rotel dip, the pizza's on the way, got my HD tv and AT&T U-verse.

And I've got my bottle of Rolaids.

The Red Sox are playing the Yankees at Fenway Park for the last series of the year for the two teams.

This is the series of the year. If the Sox can sweep this series, the Yankees may be knocked out of the playoffs.

I'll update as the night goes on.

________________________________________ 1st Inning

The Sox barely escaped disaster in the top of the first. The Yankees got the bases loaded, thanks to a bad play by Dice-K and an error by Lugo, then Dice hit A-Roid (can't say I minded that too much). But they got out of it with no runs. 27 pitches for Dice-K, who his struggling right now. Not a good start.

________________________________________ 2nd Inning

After two innings, and two Dice-K strikeouts, the Sox lead 1-0.
________________________________________ 3rd Inning

Hehe...Dice just struck out A-Roid.

*singing* Giambi made an error...Giambi made an error...

After 3 innings, Boston leads 2-0. It should be 3-0, but Papi made a bad, bad running mistake. Got thrown out by a magnificent throw from the Yankees center fielder.
________________________________________ 4th Inning

2-1 now. Melky Cabrera hit into a couble play, but it was a really close call. I'm not sure he was really out. Another K for Dice-K. Good bottom of 4th for the Sox. Score now 5-1.
________________________________________ 5th Inning

Wow. Dice just struck out A-Roid again. Plus one other...I think he has 6 Ks so far in this game. Nothing doing for the Sox in the bottom. Still 5-1.
________________________________________ 6th Inning

Pitching change. Dice K comes out with 120 pitches, 2 outs and bases loaded. Timlin comes in. Yanks get one, Timlin strikes out Jeter. 5-2. In the bottom, the Sox get two more. More troubled fielding by Giambi Juice. Maybe he forgot his dose of juice today. Youk gets an RBI. 7-2.
________________________________________ 7th Inning

Nothing doing for NY. Still 7-2. Ditto for Sox.

________________________________________ 8th Inning

Yankees doing what they do best. Giambi (must have gotten some juice between innings) popped a homer, followed by Cano hitting one as well. No outs and 7-4. And here we go. The score is now tied, and we have no outs yet. Papelbon is already pitching. This is what the Yankees are notorious for.

Horrors. Middle of the 8th, Sweet Caroline time. Yankees 8, Sox 7.

Red Sox get nothing. Mike Lowell got to first after a strikeout (Posada totally missed the ball), they brought in Crisp to pinch run. Youk flied out, then Crisp was thrown out trying to steal second. That was a majorly stupid call.

________________________________________ 9th Inning

oh no. Francona has brought in Gagne to pitch the top of the ninth. Might as well go to bed. *cry*

Wonder of wonders. Gagne got them out. So this is it. Bottom of the ninth, but Rivera is in.

Game over.

TTFN, y'all.