Saturday, October 4, 2008

Red Sox 7, Angels 5

I almost felt sorry for all those Angels fans they were showing at the end of last night's game. Oh, heck, I did feel sorry for them. Because I've experienced that feeling at the end of a Yankees game.

That was one incredible game, though. I watched the entire game on DVR after we got home from a dismal high school football game. (Our team lost 28-14.) Red Sox did that thing they do where they jump out in front and then slowly lose the lead for the rest of the game. Only this time, J.D. came through in the ninth.

Torii Hunter should be embarrassed. Hurt himself jumping up and down like a little boy after a close call at first base. It really affected his play for the rest of the game, too.

Then there was that close call at second base in the ninth when Crisp almost got picked off. But if you look at the video from all angles, the ump made a very good call. The short never tagged Crisp. I don't think he ever touched him at all. But if he did, it was long after he touched the base.

Jason Bay is doing a great job of making us forget Manny. He has a homer in each playoff game, now. Ellsbury continues to shine. Pedey needs to get out of his slump, though. And we need Lowell back for Sunday. But the beauty of it is that, with the players we have in place, we are ok. Kotsay did well last night.

So the Red Sox are now 11-0 against the Halos in post-season.

And wouldn't you know it? I flipped the page from September to October in my Red Sox calendar and whodoyathink is on the page?



See you Sunday night. And everybody look for TED on TV!!!!

Lucky bas...oops. I can't say that, can I?? Heh.

TTFN, y'all.


Ted D said...

Bickley, I AM a lucky Bas..... Well, I guess I shouldn't say it either.

I prefer blessed, man. The Good Lord knew I needed a holiday and gave me one for the ages. It was absolutely amazing to be there for a playoff game; it still seems surreal that I was even there.

On to the ALCS and those pesky Rays. Who would have believed it'd be us vs them to see who goes to the WS?

Hello to the family for me; one of these days us two Red Sox Dad's gotta finally meet up.