Thursday, October 9, 2008

For Boston

I've got the shakes.

Like Ted, I feel lost these last couple of days.

There is a baseball game tonight, but it's, you know, National League. *pft, pft* Where's the mouthwash?

But you know, weird as it seems, I think all is as it should be. The Rays and Sox have been battling this thing out all season, so it only seems fitting that they should be playing each other for the ALCS. And I really, really, deep down in my heart, believe that the Sox are the better team. I guess we will find out this weekend.

This season went by so fast. I hate when baseball season is over. It seems like such a long time until April. I realize that we still have some post-season activity left, but the season is, essentially over, and we are down the home stretch to the finish line. I just hope our finish line is further down the road than the Rays.

Honestly, I want a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series. Bring it on!! I want to hear the Fenway Faithful BOO MANNY!!! *Cue "Shipping Up To Boston by the Dropkick Murphys* Yeah, I do. I want to hear it. And you know they will. Because you know what? At the end of the day (I really hate that phrase, but I'm using it anyway), we are RED SOX FANS!! We are not Manny fans. We are not Johnny Damon fans. We are not "Nomah" fans. WE ARE RED SOX FANS And if you wear a Red Sox uniform, we love you. But if you change that uniform, forget it. Especially if you "diss" us on the way out. We might be more or less neutral if you go peacefully, or if it was Theo's idea to trade you. And if you dare decide to go to the Evil Empire when you could have stayed in Boston??? You might as well have grown horns and exchanged your bat for a pitchfork! *Is the song over yet?*


Ok. Anyway. Two more days to endure without Red Sox baseball. And then, Friday night, I won't even be able to watch the game, because I will be in Glen Rose, TX, celebrating 23 years of wonderful marriage to my beautiful wife! Woohoo!!!

Nice romantic setting, a cabin by the Paluxy River. No TV. No phone. No wireless internet, either, but that's ok. There's radio, and the game should be on ESPN radio. Unless they decide to air some stupid high school football game like they did last year. Pft. And...there's a hot tub on the deck outside. Yeah, baby!

On a more sombre note, prayers would be appreciated, as my wife will be undergoing a hysterectomy next Wednesday. It's not a life-threatening or cancer situation. Just some complications that couldn't be resolved with less drastic procedures. Should be a pretty routine thing, though. And with today's technology, they say the recovery time should be no more than two weeks! Boggles my mind.

Ok. That's it for now. I've got a driver looking at me. Back to work. See you guys Friday night! (In spirit, at least)


TTFN, ya'll!


Ted D said...

Bickley, first off prayers to Mrs. Bickley on her surgery. In my mind, NO surgery is minor. So I'll be thinking about you guys.

Second, I'm with you on the Dodgers; I'd LOVE to see that as a WS.

Finally, seeing Pap come in to Wild Thing, then it switch to Shipping up to Boston in a playoff game?