Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Long Until April?

I had my few moments of pity party.

I stomped around and grumbled about how the Sox didn't deserve to win that game.

Then I got over it.

I wear my Red Sox shirt with PRIDE! I won't go running home with my tail between my legs. (I'm speaking figuratively...I don't really have a tail. In case someone didn't know that.)

And I'll tell you something. There'd better not be ANYBODY out there trying to blame Jon Lester for that loss! He was pretty brilliant out there last night. I guess Garza was just brillianter.


Oh, well.

All the guys are right. The Sox overcame a lot of adversity this year and I'm darned proud of them. I'm encouraged by the comments I'm reading on the web site by the players.

Yeah, they lost. But they aren't defeated.

They're the Red Sox.

And I'm a Red Sox Fan.

And I'm proud of my team.

One question, though.

Is anyone going to even be watching this Whirl Serious?

Not me. And I'm not being vindictive. I just don't care.

Perhaps I should go ahead and pull for the Housewives. My daughter's fiance is from Florida.

Whatever. Anyway...I want to make sure everyone knows this...


TTFN, y'all. (I'll try to find stuff to write about...I don't have nearly as many adventures as Ted. Thank GOD! Heh.)

Just kidding, Ted. You have a beautiful family.


I mean it.


Ted D said...

Thanks Bickley! And yeah, be thankful; it's never a dull moment around here.

Like you, I'll be wearing my Sox hat all winter with pride. They had a great year; just came up a little short in the end.

As for the World Series, I'm hoping the Phillies beat the Rays brains in.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I believe the correct answer is 3 months 17 days til pitchers & catchers report. I'll never make it if I have to count down to Opening Day.