Monday, April 20, 2009

This Is More Like It

As we approach the morning start time of the Patriot's Day game, the Sox are sitting on a 4 game winning streak. They are still tied for third place, but it's an improvement, and they seem to have come alive a bit. Yesterday's game was a nice effort by the pitching staff.

Over in my neck of the woods, the Rangers continue to struggle, but they are tied for second place, and took yesterday's game from the Royals with a walk-off homer by Michael Young. The real excitement for them was last week, though. In their 19-6 blow-out of the Orioles, Ian Kinsler was the superstar. It wasn't enough that he hit for the cycle in that game (seems to be a popular thing this season), but he also went 6-6 in the game, becoming the first Texas Ranger to ever get six hits in a regulation 9 inning game. He would eventually have 8 at-bats in a row with a hit, across mutiple games. Kinsler remains my favorite Ranger player. Yes, even ahead of Josh Hamilton. Elvis Andrus is coming that ladder really quickly, too.

However, I would be remiss if I didn't say that my favorite part of this past weekend had to be the part that happened in a brand new stadium somewhere in the Bronx. It wasn't enough that the Indians spoiled the home opener in that brand new stadium. They had to go and beat the Evil Empire 24-4 on Saturday, with a 14-run second inning. Awwww....anybody feel sorry for them? I didn't think so.

In the meantime, I'm going to try my hand at MLB 2K9 this season. See how my Red Sox fare with me manning the controls. I'm not very good at this game, so I'm playing in "rookie" mode. Pitching and fielding seem to be ok, but the batting part is killing me. I can't get the timing down yet. Oh, well..."the season is young." Bahahahaha!!!

TTFN, y'all!


Ted D said...

Nothing like the O's to get the Sox back on track; here's to a 4 game sweep today.

And the Rangers are playing well; no way Seattle keeps this up and the Angels are hurting so this may be their year.