Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So Long, CoCo...

Boston Globe has just announced that Coco Crisp has been traded to the Royals for relief pitcher Ramon Ramirez.

I haz a sad.

But I'm glad that it was Crisp and not Ellsbury. So it's not too bad a sad that I haz.

I'm sure there will be more dealing soon.

TTFN, y'all.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I kind of figured Coco would go. He was patient all last year & was a real team player, but he deserves to play everyday. It's the "more dealing" that scares me. I want a deal inked with Tek. I do *not* (under any circumstances) want Mike Lowell traded to get Teixeira. I need Detroit to just take E6 already. And I am dead set against the Sox showing so much interest in Rocco Baldelli. Can't we just get back to playing baseball? That ulcer is much easier to handle than this one.

Ted D said...

Like Dawn, I figured he'd be gone. But I never imagined it'd be for Ramon Ramirez.

Yes to Tek coming back, yes to Rocco for the 4th outfielder, and no to Teixeira if it means Mikey moves on.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Let me explain why I am against Baldelli being our fourth OF. While I agree he seems able to hit pretty well for a guy that doesn't play with any consistency, the fact is we don't need a player with his health issues. He has a chronic disorder that prevents him from playing even two consecutive days. Sometimes he can't even play *one* complete game without needing to be pulled out, he gets so fatigued. While this wouldn't be a horrible situation for a typical fourth OF, just a bench guy who occasionally gives a day off to one of the regulars & other than that just pinch hits when necessary, I need to point out that we *already* have a guy in the OF with health issues. JD Drew. I have grown to like him, but let's face it: he has some health issues with that back. Look at how much playing time our fourth OF got last year, what with it seeming someone out there was hurt most of the season. For Coco, who worried he wouldn't get much playing time, it seemed like we had four fulltime OFs all season, because as soon as someone got better, someone else got hurt. That can't even happen on a much milder level to a guy like Baldelli. If Drew only needed 3 days off to rest his back, Baldelli is unable to cover him. We need someone who can fill in for more than a game every few days. Tampa had that luxury because they had so many guys they could put in the OF: Gabe Gross, BJ Upton, Carl Crawford, Cliff Floyd, Eric Hinske, Ben Zobrist, Jonny Gomes, Fernando Perez--all in addition to Baldelli. We don't have that option in Boston. I just don't think that he is a good fit based on the needs we already have, unless we plan to carry five OF.

Bickley said...

I'm with Dawn on this one. Besides. The Red Sox will probably have Josh Hamilton in a year or so...either them or the team that shall not be named. No way will Texas keep him very long. Can you picture Hamilton in Fenway? *whoooeeee*