Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back in Texas

And just like that, it's over.

We had a mostly uneventful return trip last night. Our flight out of Boston was delayed because of a pretty hefty thunderstorm, so we sat on the runway in the rain for about 30 minutes or so. We finally got off the ground, adding yet another thing in my life that I have never done before, and that's take off in the rain. I tell you this much, I would much rather take off in the rain than land in the rain.

We made it to DC for our connecting flight with just over 30 minutes to spare. We originally supposed to be there with an hour and a half layover. We had just enough time to grab some more pretzel dogs, use the restroom, discover that the gate information we had gotten was wrong and get to our proper gate. We walked up to our gate right when they were letting first class on. Great timing!

Oh, yeah. And we could have upgraded to first class for $135 each on that flight, gotten dinner and comfortable seats. But Christi said no. :-( Oh, well.

Back in Texas at around 9pm. There was a group of young people from Pennsylvania (can't remember what town) who were going on to El Paso from DFW to cross over into Juarez on a mission trip. They were going to help build a house for someone. It was cool sharing our plane trip with them. One young man on our row had never flown before. And the looks on their faces when they heard that it was 100 degrees at 9pm in Texas...THAT was priceless!!! We just told them to wait until they got to Mexico. I wished them God's blessings as we got off the plane in Dallas.

The one thing I missed the most about Texas? Drinks at Sonic. There are no Sonics in New England, at least not that we saw. So you can bet we will be stopping there on the way to church this morning!

I've got a few more pictures to upload to the computer and post at flickr, but, as you see, I have now added my flickr link to the sidebar.

In Red Sox News, Jason Bay continues to make good in Boston, hitting a home run in yesterday's route of the Athletics. I am loving this. This is the Red Sox we all know and love. I know Oakland is struggling, right now, but this is also what the Sox need to get their momentum back.

Now, if we can just find that guy that Tonya Harding hired to wack Nancy Kerrigan in the shin and sic him on Eva Longoria. EVAN! I meant EVAN!

TTFN, y'all!


Tex said...

Been doing catch-up reading on your trip. Sounds like a fun time was had by all...well except for the whole yankee fiasco. Manny left. Jason came, fought and conquered it looks like. Remember, root for the name on the front NOT the back.

glad ya all had a great time. September is soon here! I'll be at Fri and Sun games. My niece conveniently changed her wedding date to that Sat so I have to drive early Sat morn to Orange and drive back to make the Sunday DAY game. oh well. Are ya going to either of those games?

Ted D said...

Glad to hear you made it back home safe, Bickley. I've really enjoyed reading your travel diary while you were gone and it made me miss Boston and my friends I have up there even more.

Bickley said...

We will, fortunately, be able to attend all three games in September! I will be sporting my new Varitek jersey and the new Reeboks I got in Boston with the Red Sox logo on the sides. Rahr!!! My wife will be there for Friday and Sunday, and Steph should be at all three.

And I agree 100%. I'm a RED SOX fan FIRST! THEN, I'm a Papi/Tek/Pedroia/Youk/Ellsbury fan. They could field a team of people I've never heard of next week. Wouldn't matter. long as they win. :-)