Sunday, June 29, 2008

Take Me Out...

Well, I did it. And it was a blast.
My wife was taking the video on our Canon PowerShot S1. It's a little crazy at the end. She was trying to find me walking back up the steps after the song, so you might get a little dizzy there. But it was all pretty cool. I almost got rained out. It was still sprinkling a bit while I was singing. We decided earlier that she could get a better shot if she recorded the video screen on the scoreboard instead of trying to get a good shot of me on the dugout. And it's a good thing! Because they took me to the THIRD BASE dugout!! Egad! I had to sing to Phillies fans! Pft. Pft. And what the heck happened in Houston??? It was 9-6 Sox when I left my seat to for the singing. By the time I sat back down, it was 10-9, 'stros. Then it was 11-9. What a slugfest. So both my teams lose last night. But, fortunately, the Sunbeams lost as well, right? So we're still half a game up. Whew. Rangers tried to rally at the end, but just couldn't make it. Left the bases loaded in the bottom of the eigth, and two men on in the bottom of the ninth. Oh, well. They just can't seem to make that jump to TWO games over .500!

Oh, and one more thing. When I sing "Root, root, root for the Rangers," I'm pointing over to the Rangers dugout, since I'm standing on top of the Phillies.

TTFN, y'all!


Ted D said...


That is all kind of awesome, man!

Congratulations for doing it, singing so well, and not fainting!!

Great stuff, Bickley!