Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun At the Ballpark

Stephanie and I went to the Rangers/Phillies game last night. It was fun, and an interesting experience.

One thing I've begun to wonder. Shouldn't the beer vendors have enough sense to know when someone has had enough? There were two people that sat a couple rows in front of us that I swear were already at least two sheets to the wind before they even sat down, and they came in with beer in their hands. AND, they bought another one from the beer vendor who just happened to be on our aisle at the time. The guy couldn't even stand up without having something to lean on to steady himself. And during the time we were there (Steph got tired so we left after 5 innings), they bought at least two more each. I'm glad I wasn't on the road with those people.

Then there was the guy next to me, across the aisle. I looked over once, and he was pouring something from a metal flask into styrofoam cups for him and his wife. EGAD! Metal containers are illegal in Rangers Ballpark, AND it is also illegal to bring your own alcohol into the facility. Somehow, he snuck that thing in in his little "lunchbox." But I'm sure he just had, you know, orange juice in it, right? Right.

Then there was the guy behind us that, at some point, decided that he needed to stand up for the rest of the game. It took half an inning, but his friend finally got him to sit down. But it made him mad, so he refused stand up later when the Rangers hit a home run and everybody around him stood up.

As for the game, we had the privilege of seeing Rangers noob Chris Davis hit his first major league home run, getting the lead back for the Rangers in the bottom of the third inning. That was exciting. They went on to win 8-7, putting them one game over .500 for, I think, the sixth time this season. Now, if they can only win tonight, which they should, because tonight is the night that I will be singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" in the seventh inning.


I plan to get a video taken, so I will post it if we are successful.

One other I the only one who has noticed the "evolution" of the strike zone?? Has anyone else noticed that umpires no longer call a strike at the letters? I'm pretty sure the zone has never been officially changed. It's supposed to be from the armpits to the knees. Lately, anything around the armpits is considered "high." Just wondering...

TTFN , y'all!


Ted D said...

Bickely, I think the problem is there are so many places to buy beer at a park that it's sort of hard to regulate. And it's really easy for the people who can't moderately drink to get hammered pretty quick.

I wish I lived close enough to a ballpark that I could take my kids. There are some great minor leage teams around here, so I just need to get on the stick, right?

~**Dawn**~ said...

What I have really noticed about the strike zone is that it is much less consistent from umpire to umpire. It seems completely open to interpretation. Which I guess I can live with. But what really gets me is an umpire who is inconsistent with himself -- in the same game!

Ted D said...

Dawn has bingo. You wanna call a pitch at the ankle a strike? Fine. Just do it all game for both teams and it's OK with me.