Saturday, August 4, 2007

Was the Teixeira Trade A Good One?

The buzz around the MLB was that the Rangers actually came out pretty good for this year's trades. I'm not so sure.

While it was obvious that the "devil in baseball," Scott Boras was NOT going to allow Tex to stay in Texas (and Tex is foolish enough to think that Boras actually works for him...), there was still a year left in his contract. Hickman and the Boy Wonder claim that Tex turned down a multi-year contract worth $140,000,000. The problem is that Tex did not turn it down, Boras did. I wonder if Tex ever even knew it was made. That's just the kind of agent Boras is. Every fan of baseball should detest Scott Boras. Oh, sure, he's great for the players...or is he??

Most Rangers fans should remember the glory days of Rafael Palmeiro. Rafe wanted to stay with the Rangers. Boras lied to the Rangers and said he had a better offer. So the Rangers backed off and let him go. There was no better offer. So Palmeiro wound up in Baltimore instead.

It's my opinion that every MLB owner should band together and refuse to even talk to Boras. Ever. Don't even acknowledge that he exists. It would only take one season with all the top name players having contracts before they get smart and fire him. And yes, baseball could survive one season without all of them. Look at how much fun it is watching the Rangers right now. They are a bunch of (mostly) young, hungry players. They are barely playing .500 right now, but so what. This season is pretty much over for them. If they manage to claw their way up to .500 before the season is over, most fans will consider it a success. And they might not even finish in dead last!

Ok....lemmee step off of that soap box now. So far, the mediocre first baseman for which we traded a great first baseman is 1 for about 11 at the plate. In the meantime, Tex has hit two homer in his first two games as a Brave. I understand we got some "prospects" for Tex, as well. But how well have the Rangers' "prospects" ever worked out? Anyone remember this infamous "DVD" bunch? Danks, Volquez, and Diamond? Zilch. Nada. Never panned out worth anything.

And...we traded our only closer to the Red Sox. Now, mind you, it tickles me to no end to see Eric Gagne with the Sox. He's got a sure shot at some playoff action this year. A possible World Series ring. And the Rangers got Kason Gabbard out of the deal. That shocked the heck out of me...but I guess if you have talent out the wazzoo, you can afford to throw some away. But even Gabbard lost his first outing with the Rangers, after being 4-0 for the Sox so far. And the Rangers still have no closer until Otsuka gets off the dl. So there you go.

Only time will tell if the Rangers actually did well this trade season. My bets are on "no." Because that's the Rangers style, and it's definitely Jon Daniels' style.

And by the way...a note to the Rangers fans...probably some of the worst in all of baseball. Both Tex and Gagne got huge standing ovations from their new fans. When have Rangers fan EVER done that?? When have Rangers fans ever waited in a block-long line just for the hope of getting a ticket for a sold-out game? When have Rangers fans ever bought enough tickets that there is no hope of the opponent's fans even getting in the ballpark. And yet they whine and moan when they hear cheers of "Let's Go Red Sox!" wafting through the Rangers Ballpark. Pft. Every Rangers fan should be required to visit Fenway Park at least once. At Fenway Park there is no "cutesy" organ music urging fans to clap for the players during the inning. The Fenway Faithful need no urging. If one tries to start up a cheer of "Let's Go Rangers!" during an inning in Arlington, he will be a lonely voice, getting some stares from other fans indicating that he is just south of sane. Another thing I noticed about Fenway Park is there is NO promotional schedule. They don't give away anything. They don't have to. No stupid "chatter bats." No bobbleheads. No stupid "Wingo" games. And DEFINITELY no stinkin' CHEERLEADERS!!! I still think that's the dumbest idea that Hicks has ever come up with.

At Fenway's just baseball. And it's glorious!

TTFN, y'all!