Friday, September 12, 2008

Hear That Sound? It's Me Banging My Head On A Table!

I can't really say what I was thinking the other night when TB hit that home run in the top of the bloody 14th inning at Fenway. Can't have my church people knowing that I even think those kinds of words.

And how much help did they get from the umpires?? I'm not one to grumble that umps lost a game for anyone, but good grief. There was no freakin' way that left fielder was going to catch that foul ball that the fan interfered with. No way!

Then there was the out at second base when the infielder was bobbling the throw!

It didn't help any that the ESPN announcers were pulling for TB!

Heh. I sound like a sore loser, don't I?

WELL I AM!!!! So there.

And I guess we have to make another trip to Tampa to play a series there, where we have yet to win a game this season.

Dang it, the Sox were supposed to be in first place by now.

Ok. I'll stop whining now.

It's been a busy week for us in the real world. We had "mini-school" Monday night, where we got to follow along on Stephie's schedule in high school. We had a really good time, got to meet her teachers and also talked to a guy that we found out Sunday afternoon is her "case manager." We never had a "case manager" before. But it turns out we already knew this guy from a church that we went to a few years back. So that's cool. He remembered us, too. AND her science teacher was at that church at the same time, and HE remembered us, too! How cool is that? So we have several advocates for Stephanie in this humongous new world for her.

Her schedule has changed several times in the few weeks since school started, but we think it's finally settled in.

I think we've been to our last baseball game for the season. She wants to go to her high school football game on the 19th, when we were supposed to go see the Rangers play the Halos. But I've already got a taker for the tickets if she sticks with that idea.

I guess I should do some work. I have an hour and a half left on my shift, but it's my slow night.

Hopefully, we can win some games this weekend. Incidentally, my mother hates that the Dodgers are winning now. She figures Manny will get all the credit. For some reason, she's not very fond of him right now. Go figure.

TTFN, y'all!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I think the worst of all was Ellsbury being called out at first to end the 9th. The replay they showed half a dozen times *clearly* proved that he was safe by a full footstep. With Cora on second & Carter on first, had Ellsbury been correctly found safe, at best, Cora would have been the winning run & at worst, Pedroia would have come up with bases loaded, which does ever sound like a dismal situation to me. The odds are high that if the right call had been made, we would have won in regulation.

Ted D said...

Bickley, tough series vs the Rays, but there is still about 17 games left to play; anything can happen I guess.

And Dawn is right; that play on Ellsbury STILL has me cursing under my breath.

Tell Steph I said good luck this year!