Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bored Now


Ok, I got that out of my system.

Yes, Ted, I got to see our boy go wild in the Home Run Derby. I had tears in my eyes watching him. It was amazing. Did you see him HIT THE FREAKIN' WALL??? MAN!

And that brings me to an opinion. They need to change their stupid rules on the derby. How in the world does a guy who hit 35 home runs in the derby lose to a guy who hits 13 less??? The third round was a total anticlimax. Both guys were spent. I mean, c'mon. The winner of the home run derby wins with a whopping FIVE home runs. Oooh! Hamilton should have won that thing, hands down.

At any rate, I couldn't be more proud of him. As a matter of fact, I will go on record and say that between Monday and Tuesday nights, I have never been more proud to be a fan of the Texas Rangers! Michael Young and Ian Kinsler turned a game-saving double play while Rivera was trying to lose the game.

And while we're talking about trying to lose the game, let's talk about booing Papelbon. Ok, I understand. It's Yankee-World. So they hate Papelbon. But you know what??? Papalbon DIDN'T THROW THE FREAKIN' BALL OUT INTO CENTERFIELD WHILE THE NL PLAYER WAS STEALING SECOND BASE, ALLOWING HIM TO GET TO THIRD AND SUBSEQUENTLY SCORE ON A SAC FLY!!! Who, you might ask, was guilty of that???


Ok. I'll stop shouting now.

J.D. Drew gets MVP honors, that's cool. And Michael Young drives in the winning run for the second time in 5 years (maybe 3 years??). And, once again, the AL proves who really runs the show in the MLB. 12 years since the poor NL has won the All-Star game.

I have a big question. During the introduction of all those HoF players, where was Yaz?? That was disappointing. But Yogi. Man, I cried when they introduced Yogi Berra. I know. He was a Yankee. But, man. What a legend. I really didn't even know the guy was still alive. He may be the last one of that bunch left. Not sure.

And I'm getting so excited, I can hardly stand it. A week from right now, I will be trying to sleep, so we can get up early for our flight to Boston on Friday morning. We got our tickets and itineraries (boy, that's a hard word to type) last week. All in a nice Red Sox folder, with a map from the airport to the hotel we will be staying in.

Our pre-game reception and tour are both on Saturday, which will be a very busy day, turns out.

Friday, we arrive, and will have time to get to the hotel, where we will find our packages with our jerseys. Stephanie and Christi are getting Ellsbury road jerseys and I'm getting a Varitek home jersey--that was a very hard decision for me; I really wanted a Schilling jersey, but it turns out he wasn't going to be on the roster, and I think it had to be a roster player. I love Ellsbury, too, and other players, but I probably have more respect for El Capitan than anyone on the team.

We will also receive a game-used ball for each of us, and I'm not sure what else. Then we have the first game Friday night.

Saturday starts early, with our tour of the park at 9:30am. Hopefully, we will get to go on the Green Monster this time. Then, our reception is at 11:00 or 11:30, right after the tour. They haven't told us which player we will get to meet. I really really really really hope it's not, you know, Lugo. But whoever, it is, it will be a Red Sox player, so that's ok. Then we have the afternoon game on Saturday. I figure after the game, we will head back to the hotel and collapse. Maybe hit the pool for a while.

Sunday's game is a late one. 8pm. So we will probably use Sunday for some sightseeing, try to catch as much of the history in Boston as we can. And maybe get to Fanueil Hall. We keep hearing that it's a really cool place.

We booked an extra night at the hotel since the game was so late on Sunday, so Monday morning, we will pack up and leave Boston for our rental house in Rye, NH. Right on the beach! Ahhhh....five nights of pure relaxation. Nothing to do. Except whatever we want to do. After the frenzied weekend, I think we will need it.

Just a few player notes. I hear the Yankees are making a deal with Richie Sexson. Hah. Good!!! They deserve each other. And there are also rumors that they are thinking about signing Bonds?? I tell you the truth, nothing could make me happier. Let's let all of the players with massive amounts of baggage go to New York. With A-Roid, Bonds, and Sexson, they are sure to wind up in the cellar!!

I also heard a very nasty rumor that the Sox were considering trading Youk for Teixeira. I really hope that there was no truth at all in that. As much as I would like to see Tex in a Sox uniform, that would be a very, very stupid move. Tex will be a free agent at the end of this season, and there is no way El Diablo will let him stay with the same team.

Oh, yeah, and Papi is scheduled to return next Friday night!! Yeehaaaaa!!!

There will be pictures. Lots of them.

TTFN, y'all!


Ted D said...

Bickley, I can't wait to hear about your trip and see your pictures. Really excited for you and your family and I'm looking forward to reading your posts about it.

And even though it comes on at 10, I can't wait until tonights game starts.

Tex said...


I cant wait to hear how it all went