Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shake-up In New York

Well, it's official.

Joe Torre will not be returning to New York.

And who can blame him? They basically slapped him in the face with their offer. They offered him a one year deal for $5 mil. Geez. If I were him, I would have turned that down, too.

But that's the way baseball is. You get your team to the playoffs for umpteen years running, and they don't want you back.

There could be some drastic trickle-downs from this, many of which could actually affect the Texas Rangers very positively.

For one thing, A-Roid might be more apt to opt (hehe...."apt to opt") out of his contract, which would save the Rangers, oh...somewhere in the neighborhood of $21,000,000. Maybe they could afford a pitcher?

It is also almost certain that Mariono Rivera, aka "The Sandman," will opt for free agency. Could the Rangers possibly land him? I get chill bumps just thinking about that.

What about Jorge Posada? Is he a freebie after this season? Wow, could the Rangers ever use him!! A quality catcher...something they have not had since they foolishly let Pudge Rodriguez go.

The possibilities are endless. Never mind that this could shake up the Evil Empire so much that they aren't even contenders next year. *gasp*

After all, they really don't have any young players do they? All of their stars are getting old. Or worn out from illegal substance abuse. *cough*Giambi*cough*

Well, anyway....

Tonight is it. My stomach has been in knots since this morning. The Red Sox are in a must-win situation. They need to win this tonight or it's over for the season. And, to make matters worse, they have to play in the Jake one more night. But, on the positive side, Beckett is pitching. At least I hope it's positive. And last time Sabathia pitched, the Sox bats handled him easily.

We shall see.