Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Love Surprises!!

When I went to bed for my brief nap before going to work last night, the Sox were behind 5-0, and Carmona was shutting them down handily.

I arrived at work at 10pm, and got right into work stuff, so I briefly forgot about the game.

I know. I'm not worthy.

But then this buddy of mine walked in, who happens to be a Cleveland fan. I suddenly remembered the game, and immediately opened up my Interwebs browser, expecting to congratulate him on his Indians whipping up on my Red Sox to take the series.

I went first to, and the first thing I saw was a headline that says "Van Every's shot lifts the Red Sox in the 10th." I almost fell out of my chair. Life is good.

I know in my heart that our Sox can never be counted out, and it ain't over until the mythical fat lady sings. And one of the things I love so much about baseball over all other team sports is that there is no wimpy putting down a knee and letting clock run out, or dribbling in place until the clock runs out. It's not over until that third out is posted in whichever half an inning ends the game. You have to earn that last out. And there is nothing quite like the thrill of standing with the Red Sox nation in any park in this country and cheering your fool head off when there are two strikes on that last batter in the 9th inning. Of course it's magnified by 1000000000000000 if you happen to be in Fenway Park when this happens.

I should write for a newspaper.

Just kidding. But I do think it would be great fun!

Anyway...back on top for the Sox, once again. Here's hoping for a series win (a sweep would be nice) in the Juice Box (I like that name, Dawn) against the Desperate Housewives, who appear to be even more desperate this year.

Hey...anyone ever gone from Worst to First to Worst?? Hahahaha

TTFN, y'all!