Monday, March 31, 2008

What Does S.I. Know??

Sports Illustrated is picking the Evil Empire first over our beloved Sox this season, with the Tigers beating the Yanks in the ALCS, then winning the Series over the Cubs.

I may have to cancel my subscription.

But here's one piece that was excerpted from the Dec 6, 2004 issue. With total, reckless disregard to things such as copyright laws, I'm going to quote it verbatim.

"Virginia Muise, 111, and Fred Hale, 113, smiled. Both Virginia, who kept a Red Sox cap beside her nightstand in New Hampshire, and Fred, who lived in Maine until moving to Syracuse at 109, were Sox fans who, curse be damned, were born before Babe Ruth himself. Virginia was the oldest person in New England. Fred was the oldest man in the world. Within three weeks after they had watched the Sox win the Series, both of them passed away. They died happy."


That made me cry.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Now *that* beings new meaning to being a die hard fan.

Pat R said...

on that note, i think i'll be eating a lot more vegetables and cutting back on a few other things... i'm sure he must have good genes too